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Trineo. Evolved.

Abhinav Keswani May 25, 2018

Welcome to the next iteration of Trineo. We have been working on a new and evolved version of our crew and company. Frankly over the last 4 years of our 8 year history, we have quietly been up to a lot, quietly being the operative word.

We have a larger and more distributed business. Our work spans across three countries, where we have established 4 offices. Additionally, as our team spreads it’s wings, we now have team members in Europe. Steadily, we have developed a fuller service offering including strategic advisory, consulting and agile delivery with a team composed of BAs, PMs, UX and Engineering.

We don’t focus on a single vertical. Our experience and approach allows us to learn about new domains and yield value for our customers in a meaningful way.

We’re ready to do more and take on new work. Our fully formed leadership team spans our three regions and practices. With highly experienced, carefully positioned regional leaders and global practice managers, we’re prepared to scale whilst upholding the high standards we have always set for ourselves.

Our Regional leadership team:

  • Susan Price. Head of Consulting, New Zealand.
  • John Masson. Director, Australia.
  • Craig Langenfeld. VP, Americas.

Our Practice leadership team:

  • Susanne Lynch. Bespoke Practice Manager.
  • Mark Donaghy. Salesforce Practice Manager.

To fully round out our leadership team, Jessica Kahn is our VP, Marketing.

I never take any of it for granted, from the calibre of people we have gathered to the opportunities we have been given by our stellar clients. Solve complex problems. Do it gracefully. Focus on longevity. We have earned a reputation … low drama and high impact.

Get in touch if you need our help, or if you think you’d like to join our talented crew.

Abhinav Keswani

Abhinav Keswani

Abhinav has methodically honed his experience on multi-tiered technology solutions for a wide range of organizations. He always seeks out business value and enjoys bringing a complete perspective to collaboration with our clients. You can also find him on an MTB trail or climbing at the crag.