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Trineo Express

Express is a repeatable format that enables business and technology leaders to extract value out of ideas and quickly turn them into real solutions. Unlock new opportunities with bite-sized applications that punch above their weight.


The workforce has radically changed. Businesses are working with multiple constraints and questioning everything to extract maximum value, faster, and to better serve their customers and employees and continue building for the future.

We help our clients transform their business by reimagining what’s possible and creating elegant solutions for complex challenges.

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A competitive landscape and dependence on legacy systems make it difficult to stay ahead of the market. We believe that rapid prototyping fuels innovation and can unlock your potential. 

Not every challenge requires investment in a large-scale solution. Sometimes you just need a working product to solve a compact problem. And sometimes it’s more effective to demonstrate the viability of a simple concept before committing to robust transformation projects. 

Express application development is a repeatable format that enables business and technology leaders to extract value out of ideas and quickly turn them into real solutions. 


Unlock new opportunities with bite-sized applications that punch above their weight. 

  • Quickly demonstrate value and build consensus around viable ideas
  • Improve insights, make better decisions with relevant data
  • Increase efficiency and productivity, lower operating costs
  • Prioriti[zs]e investments and build resilience 
  • Leverage existing applications and technology investments
  • Streamline and automate processes, increase loyalty and satisfaction


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, a global Medical Quality Assurance provider needed to rapidly build point-of-care patient and medical professional applications to capture, secure, and synchronize test results across multiple stakeholders ahead of the rollout of mass public COVID-19 testing. 

Moving at the speed of science, the company anticipated having widely available testing within several weeks' time. Working with a number of limited constraints, our team approached this challenge with the design philosophy of simplicity and speed, rapidly quickly creating consumer and medical professional user applications with the minimum data requirements. Read the full case study here. 


Our repeatable format involves a four-week program that helps you take creative license on a finite number of problems to accelerate your idea into a working product using real data and real code. 

Your involvement is key. Using our flexible framework, we assess and adapt to the unique needs of your business uncovered through a design thinking process. Together, we will: 

  • Use design thinking to achieve a shared understanding, establish objectives, constraints, and initial requirements.
  • Test and refine these requirements through rapid prototyping and technical discovery.
  • With a clear picture, we build, deploy, and measure against our objectives.
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This process illuminates the areas of friction in your organization, enabling us to formulate a viable concept and define the roadmap for continuing to bring your ideas to life.

Our speciali[zs]ed development teams engage in a rapid application development sprint to quickly formulate the product features by using cloud-native platform components paired with Trineo’s Application BuildPack that consists of well-built application scaffolding and assets. 

With our focus on quality, security, and performance, these assets deliver a functional and scalable solution. The result is a highly nimble, quick-win deliverable to show value immediately.


  • Rapid prototyping and concept validation for further investment
  • Compact, lean and agile process for small/medium-sized application backlog
  • Employee / Customer-facing applications, with identity integration
  • Secure, performant and cloud-native deployment
  • Creation of reusable, modular, integrated technology & design components
  • Rapid response for market shifts and business needs, leveraging all of the above


Using ourselves as the client, Melissa McCosh, Trineo CFO, “hired” Trineo to create an Express solution solving for the complexities of our evolving organi[zs]ation. When the world changed overnight due to COVID-19, the team had to quickly rethink the way they approached forecasting models and distributing information. 

In 30 days, the Express team developed a working solution that enabled our finance team to connect disparate data sources and produce more accurate forecasting whilst creating significant efficiencies with an automated, cloud-based application. Read the full case study here. 

A complex system that works is invariably found to have evolved from a simple system that worked. A complex system designed from scratch never works and cannot be patched up to make it work. You have to start over, beginning with a working simple system.

John Gall

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