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Trineo’s Social Intranet Solution

A social and functional front door for an internal workforce, the Trineo Social Intranet Solution, built on Salesforce Communities, is designed to connect colleagues across the world. Social sharing, group memberships, and quick access to pertinent information build camaraderie and engagement across all roles, in all locations.

Organizations who have already invested in the Salesforce platform

1- 3 months

Connect, engage, and serve employees worldwide

  • Leverage an existing Salesforce investment rather than building from scratch
  • Reduce complexity by maintaining fewer systems
  • Link to your existing SSO
  • Integrate HR data and document repositories to maximize functionality
  • Ease intranet access by entering from Salesforce
  • Extend the benefits of Chatter
  • Deliver relevant, localized content to the right people

Too many intranets have poor design, little use, difficult maintenance, and little to no mobile support. Trineo's Social Intranet Solution alleviates these challenges while supporting strategic HR and Communications goals.

Engaged, Connected Teams Get

  • A homepage that is easily navigable
  • Targeted articles based on role, geo, or business unit
  • Personalized pages with photo, banner and write-up
  • Feature blocks with targeted homepage announcements
  • A staff directory with profiles and reporting hierarchy
  • Social groups
  • A links directory to other corporate systems
  • A help forum
  • Staff ideas capture and ability to vote for favourites
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Solution steps



Gather info



Build the Solution
Demo Regularly
Make Adjustments.


Pilot and Go Live

Beta Rollout
Go Live.

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Case Study

Trineo's Social Intranet Solution at Fonterra

With more than 22,000 employees, Fonterra, the world's largest dairy exporter, needed an enterprise-grade platform to connect its teams and improve employee engagement.
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MilkyWay [the Social Intranet Solution] provides the community with a world-class intranet, targeted multilingual news and a social media offering–all of which have engagement built into their DNA. It is a complete solution, coupled with strong analytics and insight, that allows us to connect, engage, leverage, and activate our global employee community across 40 countries and 210 locations.

Ian Rodney

Digital Communications Manager


Follow-On Services

  • Everything you need to self-serve
  • All the technical assets required to maintain your system
  • Instructions on how to set up additional personalization rules
  • A general help manual

Optional Add-on Services

  • Content Advisory Services
  • Quarterly Engagement Statistics
  • Sentiment Generator
  • Video Integration