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Trineo's User Experience Solution

Work with Trineo’s empathetic design experts to deliver an exceptional user experience that is inclusive, intuitive, and backed by a thorough understanding of your stakeholders.

Organizations whose success depends upon delivering great user experiences

3-6 months depending on scope

Why User Experience Design?

The experience you offer your stakeholders could mean the difference between a happy, returning customer and a frustrated user who abandons your service.

Trineo's User Experience Design team is poised to help you create the most simple, valuable, and customer-pleasing experience possible.

What You Get

Excellent interface design

We work to bring quality, authenticity, empathy in every interaction. We work first to design a functional and consistent experience.

Simplicity and clarity

We keep the user’s context in mind and make sure our designs answer “where am I, what am I supposed to do, and what else is there?”

Brand strength

We know that the user experience reflects on your brand. We understand the value a positive user experience can make for our clients and strive for the best experience possible.

An inclusive, human experience

We believe that accessibility should not be an afterthought and we strive to use emotion in our designs. We strive for clear language and patterns that are easily understood.

We’ll collaborate with you through our six-stage, user-centric design process that can flex with your needs.
We’ll collaborate with you through our six-stage, user-centric design process that can flex with your needs.

Together, we'll emphasize:

  • Early user validation over releasing a design with unknown
    end-user value
  • Collaborative design with your team over designing in isolation
  • Solutions to user problems as opposed to just designing a “cool thing”
  • Measuring KPI as opposed to undefined success metrics
  • Choosing appropriate tools as opposed to following a rigid plan
  • Lean design as opposed to heavy comps and specs 
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Case Study

User Experience Design at Alterra Mountain Company

See how Trineo's User Design team worked with Alterra Mountain Company to design and build a modern customer app to offer a bulletproof online purchasing experience for its 35+ resort destinations. Read more

The Trineo team took our strategy and helped frame up the guiding principles and technical approach across the platform. They conducted themselves as if Alterra Mountain Company was their company and their primary concern. Trineo has been more than just a delivery agent; they’ve partnered with us in a manner where they are also our trusted advisor.

Andy Villas

VP of Digital Solutions

Alterra Mountain Company